Classical ballet

Our ballet practice is based on the techniques and training system of Vaganova and is taught by dance teachers qualified by the ministry of culture.It is a structured dance training, with a teaching methodology mainly based on the two major schools of classical dance, namely the Italian and Russian.

Learning the art of ballet starts at the age of 7, so that the body is fit and able to accept it. Then the body gradually reaches the tension of the classical dance and ultimately exceeds ground level and reaches the “airy” using pointe shoes.

Music education

The main link among the music, the movement and the speech is the rhythm. Younger students approach and make contact with the art of ballet and rhythm, the music and free body expression through Music education.

Dance theatre

The technical training that we offer on the theory of theatre and of the art of dance, it makes possible to create a DANCE THEATER course.

As a matter of fact this course unites the two performing arts, offering to our young friends another possibility of expression, giving them a fresh stimulation and developing their imagination.

Contemporary dance

Contemporary Dance in turn, captures the human need to express itself through the human body, in a different way from the ballet perspective. It began as a kind of reaction to the austere structure of classical ballet and tries to fulfill the demand of the dancers to come closer to the “natural” human movement.

From 1920 up to now it has been influenced by several dancers, some of whom created their own pattern and personal technique. Duncan, Graham, Liman, Kunningham are some of them. Influenced of all kinds of dance, as well as the “release” style, the lesson of Contemporary Dance will again have the same goal, i.e. the expression of human beings through their bodies.